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Jun. 27 - Jul. 01 | Virtual Event

  • 50 to 500 genes: Scale-up to comprehensive genomic profiling - Jun 29

    Adopting comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP)? Learn how to overcome unique challenges of CGP, including how to identify incidental germline findings, interpret co-occurring variants, and automate your report-building process....

    Jun. 29 | 11:0011 AM CEST | 11 AM EDT

  • Drug repurposing: from large-scale biological data to therapeutics - Jul. 7

    One of the challenges we are facing today is the high cost and slow pace of drug development for many disease areas such as cancer, CNS, rare diseases etc. Repurposing drugs for new indications will have a shorter developmental time, lower cost, and less safety risk than the traditional drug development process. Join us for a 60-minute Webinar on Drug repurposing: fr...

    Jul. 07 | 01:00PM ET l 10:00 AM PT

  • Knowledge graphs and more: Analytics-driven drug discovery using advanced biomedical relationships knowledge - Jul. 12

    High-quality biomedical relationships knowledge is the cornerstone of modern and innovative data- and analytics-driven drug discovery. Yet this knowledge is locked in thousands of publications and dozens of databases. This webinar will show you how to unlock this knowledge and use it to strengthen your efforts in data science-driven drug discovery. In this webinar,...

    Jul. 12 | 01:00PM ET l 10:00 AM PT

  • FASTQ to final report: An ultra-fast workflow for comprehensive genomic profiling - Jul 14

    As our molecular knowledge of cancer continually evolves, a new era in cancer care is beginning: comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP). With a single CGP test, we can interrogate hundreds of genes, using less tissue and increasing the probability of detecting actionable findings. Yet, one of the most difficult challenges of implementing CGP in-house is the downstream ...

    Jul. 14 | 12:00PM ET l 09:00 AM PT l 08:00 PM CET

  • Advanced IPA – Going Beyond RNA-Seq with QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis - Jul. 21

    In this 60-minute training, users will learn how to analyze and interpret different types of ‘Omic data using QIAGEN IPA, including metabolomics data, microRNA data, proteomic and phospho-proteomic data, and how to utilize the power of 10 million findings from the QIAGEN Knowledge Base to answer biological questions and gain new insights. Click here to register....

    Jul. 21 | 10:00AM CET l 09:00 AM UK