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CLC Network License Manager 5.5.2 temporarily and occasionally fails to serve network licenses

The CLC Network License Manager 5.5.2 is based on the LM-X License Manager 5.3.3, where an issue has been identified that blocks licenses from being served temporarily. Anecdotally, this situation lasts approximately a minute and occurs infrequently (e.g. once a day). This may differ on different systems, however.

The times where the service fails corresponds to cpu spikes on the server. If licenses have been requested during such a period, messages in the CLC Workbench or grid worker logs are recorded noting that a valid license for a particular product could not be obtained, with an internal error message like:
LM-X Error: (Internal: 504 Feature: <featurename>) [NETWORK] 6200@clcnetworklicense.address.com – (Err: 47) Error receiving message over network For further information go to https://www.x-formation.com Error Code: LMX_NETWORK_RECEIVE_ERROR
This issue has the greatest chance of negatively affecting CLC Server grid setups where jobs are continuously run. Further details below.

Outcomes during periods network licenses are not being served

CLC Workbenches

CLC Workbenches that connect to a CLC Network License Manager 5.5.2 should not be noticeably affected. Already running Workbenches will continue to run. When starting up a CLC Workbench, if a license is requested but cannot be accessed, a message stating that no more licenses are available will be displayed. Starting the Workbench again after a few moments should result in a license being found if there is one available.

CLC Grid Workers

When a CLC Server grid job is launched, the grid worker requests a network license. If no license is found, the grid job will fail. Relaunching jobs that fail in such cases should lead to successful completion, assuming they are not launched when the problem described is still occurring.


For CLC Server grid setups, if you have not already upgraded to CLC Network License Manager 5.5.2, we recommend waiting until a newer version is available. If you have already upgraded to version 5.5.2, and you observe the problem described above, please consider downgrading to version 5.5.1, which can be obtained from your myCLC account.

If you are using network licenses only for CLC Workbenches and modules, then using CLC Network License Manager 5.5.2 is not expected to cause problems. If you are running Nessus security scanning software, then installing version 5.5.2 may still be the best option until a later version becomes available.

Further information

We have supplied information to X-Formation, the providers of the LM-X License Manager software, about this problem. We are hopeful a fix can be implemented soon. We will release an update to the CLC Network License Manager as soon as possible.

To manage network licenses for the next major version of CLC analysis software (24.0), currently planned for release early in 2024, CLC Network License Manager version 5.5.2 or above will be needed. We will send out an email communication to those with network licenses covered by maintenance, upgrades and support when a version is available that contains a fix to the issue reported on this page.

Information about CLC Network License Manager releases can be found on the Latest Improvements page.