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On-demand Webinar: Whole exome sequencing (WES) helps understand exceptional survival in rare sarcoma patient

Date: 2021/08/26 Duration: 01:00:00 Presented by: Tatiana Omelchenko, Ph.D., Rockefeller University; Deep Pandya, Danbury Hospital; Jean-Noël Billaud, Ph.D., QIAGEN Digital Insights

In this webinar presented by Rockefeller University, Danbury Hospital and QDI, we present a unique case study of a treatment-naïve patient with aggressive metastatic uLMS who has experienced long-term survival. Using whole exome sequencing (WES), we analyzed 5 tumors to identify mechanisms of uLMS tumor growth and metastasis in this patient.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • Which mutations and pathways were identified as potential regulators of tumor growth in the patient
  • How a combination of variant analysis and transcriptomic analysis enabled the identification of potential drivers of metastatic processes and which bioinformatics tools were used
  • What we mechanisms and targeted therapy strategies we proposed for this uLMS patient and how these recommendations are applicable to other sarcomas with specific genomic alterations