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Standardizing NGS secondary analysis for assay development and routine clinical testing

Date: 12/30/2019 Duration: 01:00:00 Presented by: Julie Deschenes PhD, Camilla Andersen, PhD

How to improve NGS assay development and routine clinical testing

As next-generation sequencing (NGS) continues to become faster and cheaper, commensurate speeds and costs are required for NGS secondary analysis—the critical step that maps and aligns the sequence reads to a reference genome and identifies the genomic locations exhibiting variations. However, NGS secondary analysis involves sequences of steps, each performed by a software tool, that vary by application and introduce workflow complexities. To improve NGS assay development and routine clinical testing, clinical labs need automated and standardized secondary analysis pipelines.

In this webinar, we present a precision medicine platform for automating, managing and standardizing NGS secondary analysis for clinical research applications. QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) Analyze provides sequencer-agnostic workflows for variant calling through pre-configured, comprehensive and expandable NGS secondary data analysis pipelines.


Join us for a demonstration of QCI Analyze and learn how this NGS secondary analysis solution can help your lab:

    • Rapidly and reliably detect variants with globally-recognized algorithms with high sensitivity and specificity for single nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy number variants (CNVs), Indels, fusions, and tumor mutation burden (TMB) scores.
    • Standardize secondary analysis workflows with pre-configured pipelines controlled by role-based permissions and traceability.
    • Support any DNA NGS assay, panel to exome, hereditary to somatic, including estimation of TMB, with the combination of QCI Analyze and QIAGEN Clinical Informatics Services.
    • Deploy a full Sample to Insight workflow with the combination of QCI Analyze and QCI Interpret, the NGS tertiary analysis companion product.


Julie Deschênes, MBA, PhD
Director Global Product Management for Hereditary Cancer, QIAGEN

Camilla Eybye Andersen, PhD
Senior Product Owner, QIAGEN