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QIAGEN CLC training – 2 part series Jan 26-27

Date: 2021/01/26 Duration: 01:00:00 Presented by: Leif Schauser, Ph.D. Director, Product Management, Genome Analysis, QIAGEN

Are you struggling to find a bioinformatics analysis tool that meets your specific research needs? One that is easy-to-use, yet powerful, scalable and flexible?
Don’t miss our live, complimentary two-day online QIAGEN CLC Genomics training series. Learn from our experts how to solve common bioinformatics analysis issues and various ways to take full advantage of the QIAGEN CLC Genomics features.

Day 1: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 – QIAGEN CLC version 21 general overview (60 minutes)

Day 2: Wednesday, January 27, 2021 – QIAGEN CLC version 21 Microbial Genomics Module and Long Reads Support overview (60 minutes)

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