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Metatranscriptome analysis, annotation and pathways investigations using CLC Genomics Workbench – Sep. 8

Date: 2022/09/08 Duration: 01:30:00 Presented by:

Using CLC Genomics Workbench, we will go through a pipeline for analyzing metatranscriptome NGS data from microbial communities and perform pathways interpretation on it.

· Import “raw” NGS sequencing data and prepare the samples for analysis

· Find relevant annotated genomes with curated reference database while removing ribosomal RNA with the SILVA database (database of rRNAs)

· De novo assemble the unclassified reads into contigs to also find transcripts of taxa not present in the reference database

· Map the reads to the assembled contigs and database

· Build a functional profile of the samples to get abundances of GO-terms.

· Statistical analysis of the groups

· Pathway analysis on the differential abundance analysis using MetaCyc database.

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