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Long-read sequencing analysis in the QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench – Mar. 15

Date: 2022/03/15 Duration: 01:30:00 Presented by:

This tutorial is an introduction to working with the tools in the Long Read Support (beta) plugin. The Long Read Support (beta) plugin is a collection of tools developed for working with long, error-prone reads such as those produced by the single-molecule sequencing technologies of Pacific Biosciences or Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

Participants will take away how to:

• Download Plugin for Long read support
• Import data required for the analysis
• De novo assembly of a microbial sized genome using long, error-prone reads
• Improve a de novo assembly from long reads by polishing with short, high-quality reads
• Map long reads to a reference and visualizing an assembly
• Correct raw long reads for further analysis

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