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COSMIC: Describing millions of somatic mutations at high resolution – Mar 25

Date: 2021/03/25 - 2021/03/25 Duration: 01:00:00 Presented by: Dr. Simon Forbes, Head of COSMIC Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK

COSMIC houses the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of somatic mutations in human cancer, and much more. Its contents —curated by a team of post-doctoral experts— are sourced from high-quality scientific literature and trustworthy cancer programs like TCGA and ICGC.

In COSMIC, all available information about mutations and tumor samples (like disease type, demographic data and therapies) are collected, standardized and integrated to allow for flexible use. And its suite of tools let researchers and stakeholders explore and interpret the information in ways that suit their goals.

To complement the core database, COSMIC has a range of specialized component projects that each present a distinct dataset or view of the data, including a 3D interactive view of cancer mutations.

COSMIC is updated with new content and improved functionality three times a year. Our most recent release (v92) details over 71 million somatic mutation events across almost 1.5M tumor samples.