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COSMIC: Combining expert-curation with scientific innovation – Jun. 9

Date: 2022/06/09 Duration: 01:00:00 Presented by: Dr. Zbyslaw Sondka, COSMIC's Senior Scientist, and Rebecca White, COSMIC's Scientific Communications Manager

In this webinar, Dr. Zbyslaw Sondka, COSMIC’s Senior Scientist, and Rebecca White, COSMIC’s Scientific Communications Manager, will walk you through 3 key-aspects of the industry leading somatic mutation database.

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the breadth and depth of COSMIC’s high-quality somatic mutation data to identify proteins, biological processes, and pathways driving disease, which can be used to design new therapeutic approaches that precisely target causes of the malignancy on a molecular level.
  • Use tools and resources within COSMIC to bring actionable meaning to genomic data, such as the identification of driver mutations, functional biological consequences, and clinically significant somatic variants, which can aid diagnostics and treatment decisions.
  • Explain how COSMIC’s expert curation process enables the accumulation and integration of data on rare cancers (over 1500 unique cancer types have been recorded to date), and how this data could enable the development of cross-cutting solutions based on molecular behaviors and genetic similarities between cancers rather than their origin-location.

Join us to learn how COSMIC enables users to experiment and innovate with confidence, and how our manual curation and rigorous data annotation processes assure unparalleled data quality.

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