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QIAGEN OmicSoft OncoLand training – EMEA – Apr. 5

Date: 2022/04/05 Duration: 01:30:00 Presented by:

In this 90-minute training, attendees will learn how to use basic expression analysis functionalities in QIAGEN OmicSoft OncoLand. QIAGEN OmicSoft Single Cell Land will also be discussed, focusing on public single-cell data.

Key focus will be on Biomarker discovery with QIAGEN OmicSoft OncoLand leveraging public oncology data from GEO, TCGA and other collections to:

• Discover and validate biomarker expression in diseases, disease subtypes, treatments, cell types, etc.
• Identify a list of biomarkers specifically expressed in disease, treatment group, cell type or other condition of interest
• Overlay expression of a gene on cell clusters of interest from public single-cell data

This training is designed for biologists, bioinformaticians, and data scientists.