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QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) for grant writing and publications with new features – Aug 11

Date: 2021/08/11 Duration: 02:00:00 Presented by:

Join us for a 2-hr training session where you will learn,

• Ways to query IPA’s vast collection of curated literature and ‘omic data
• Understand how molecules relate to phenotypes and functions
• Build your own networks and predict activity changes
• Explore a library of over 90,000 precomputed IPA analyses pulled from public ‘omic data
• How to format your dataset and set up an analysis
• Deeply interrogate key Canonical Pathway
• Predict regulators which are causing your expression changes
• Contextualize the result of your analysis by comparing your results to internal and public data
• Generate the necessary tables and figures for your manuscript

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