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Partnering with QIAGEN Digital Insights Discovery Bioinformatics Services is a reliable and convenient way to extend your in-house resources with expertise and perfectly tailored bioinformatics services that ensure high-quality results.

Tailored bioinformatics services ensuring high-quality data

As the world’s largest bioinformatics company, our broad spectrum of innovative bioinformatics know-how, technologies and knowledge bases allows us to uniquely support you. We are happy to take on only specific elements of your project, or handle the entire journey — from sample to insight. We provide expert consultation along the way, so as your trusted partner, together we can make the best decisions based on your project goals.

QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services:

"QIAGEN’s investment in bioinformatics has enabled us to have one of the largest group of bioinformaticians, curators, data scientists, IT consultants and developers in the industry, with our services helping to support and enhance our product solutions. This is an area where we contribute greatly to our customers, and allow them to focus on accelerating drug discovery and research while we handle day-to-day analysis and curation needs."

Matt Newman,
VP of Global Professional Services, QIAGEN Bioinformatics


We are a team of experienced bionformaticians and Ph.D. trained scientists delivering high-quality bioinformatics and scientific consulting services, on-time and within budget. Together with you, we tailor the computational requirements for your specific project. Our specialized team works with you to develop the informatics tools you need to get clear, unbiased results. We support the life science community through curation, data analysis and custom solutions to accelerate your research, making improvements in life possible. 

Custom Solutions

Access beginning-to-end custom solutions to help translate discovery from your data. We help with pipeline development, visualizations, end-user training and product server maintenance. Our custom solutions are available for all product lines. Whether you need to tailor a plugin, integrate a workbench with other platforms, or need a solution to work with new tools such as those for HLA typing or CRISPR analysis, the Custom Solutions team is ready to deliver. 

Data Analysis

Our data analysis experts work together with you to help you reach your goals. Whether you need to understand biological pathways, identify causal variants, explore large-scale next-generation sequencing (NGS) population studies or work with a clinical research organization (CRO) to deliver large-scale data analysis, we partner with you at every step, from beginning to end. No matter the size or scale of your data analysis, we have the experience, expertise and tools to be your trusted partner.

Example of before (left) and after (right) metadata curation.  The left side demonstrates the merging of data from different systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE) studies without metadata curation, where the values for disease state and gender are divergent between two studies.  The right side demonstrates that after curation, the curated metadata have a harmonized vocabulary, enabling integration of all data included in the analysis.


Let us help you create custom curated content, fully connected to the QIAGEN Knowledge Base and/or OmicSoft Lands. With over 20 years of certified manual content curation expertise, our team of Ph.D. and M.D. trained curators know what to look for, and are qualified to develop the content you need. Whether you need to mine additional information for human, rodent or other models, or obtain deeper insights from a retrospective analysis of multiple studies, our team has the knowledge and expertise to tackle your next big project. Our extensive knowledge base covers all areas of biological research — translational research, biomarker discovery, target identification, disease-specific research, microbiome analysis and beyond. 

Put your project in good hands: Let QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services accelerate and drive your projects to success


Our team has over 250 Ph.D., M.D. and M.S. bioinformaticians and biologists who work as experts to consult your team on the most important projects, delivering on time and within budget. We utilize industry-leading software and knowledge bases to provide customized consultation for your project needs related to curation, data analysis and custom solutions to accelerate your research and deepen your insights to drive discoveries.

Custom Solutions

Tailored plugin development for QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench and QIAGEN CLC Genomics Server to extend and/or customize the feature sets of these solutions, for instance:

  • Importers or exporters for custom data types
  • Custom reports (PDF, XML, XLS, etc.)
  • Advanced workflow (plumbing) tools

Novel bioinformatics analysis tools which expand or interact with current QIAGEN Digital Insights software, including the QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and QIAGEN OmicSoft platforms, such as:

Data Analysis

Let us partner with you to build your custom programming pipeline for comprehensive data cleanup and analysis. Our custom pipelines are completely reproducible and incorporated into your existing workflows, and are interactive and interoperable with third-party platforms.

Data analysis for biologists:

Performing in-depth analysis of biological data can be laborious, especially for biologists who lack extensive bioinformatics know-how. Get to your next hypothesis quickly, without wading through the analysis process. Whether it’s answering a specific question around biological pathways, tumor comparisons, identifying causal variants or performing large-scale NGS population studies, results can be delivered in any QIAGEN Digital Insights tool (e.g., QIAGEN OmicSoft, IPA, Biomedical Workbench).

Data analysis for CROs:

We partner with you and your CRO to deliver large-scale data analysis and results for your clinical studies. From ‘push-button’ workflows to automated custom reporting and everything in between, we have the skills to help you scale your operations and achieve your goals.


Let us help you with the curation of any data type, ranging from ’omics, microbiome, clinical, assay and animal. Data is presented in a format which is easily integrated into any QIAGEN Digital Insights tool, your own internal platforms or accepted by third-party platforms (NextBio, tranSMART). Our team works with you to develop ontologies and vocabularies specific to your needs, ready for validation and reproducibility.

Interested in QIAGEN Discovery Bioinformatics Services?

Request a consultation with one of our Discovery Services specialists to discuss your specific research project requirements.

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