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Sample to Insight for Oncology

Accelerate your time-to-result in oncology NGS testing

Does your lab need a fast, cost-effective, ultra-precise workflow for oncology NGS testing?

Targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) is an ideal tool for studying the genetic basis of cancer, facilitating the survey of large numbers of targets (potential variants) in parallel, while also offering high sensitivity. QIAGEN’s new barrier-breaking Sample to Insight Oncology Solution combines targeted DNA and multimodal pan-cancer panels, one of the fastest and cheapest secondary analysis in the market and trusted variant interpretation and reporting software powered by augmented molecular intelligence.

Sample to Insight Workflow for Oncology


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Build your workflow with four NGS steps


QIAseq Targeted DNA Pro and Multimodal Pan Cancer Panels

QIAseq Targeted DNA Pro and Multimodal Pan Cancer Panels set a new standard for NGS genotyping. Major innovations within this chemistry provide improved ease-of-use, efficiency and expanded variant analysis to simplify and speed-up your NGS workflows.

  • Complete, uniform target coverage – single-tube enrichment for up to 20,000 DNA targets (and an
    additional 8,000 RNA targets for multimodal) staggered placement of primers across the target region
    ensures high uniformity (>99%) and complete coverage.
  • High compatibility with challenging samples – works with FFPE samples, plasma/serum, fresh or frozen
    tissue, cell lines, liquid biopsies with a minimum DNA input requirement as low as 10 ng.
  • Single-day, automation-friendly library preparation – go from sample to sequencing-ready library in 8 hours or less with minimum hands-on time.
  • Customization made easy – boost any cataloged panel with additional content if something is missing or design a custom panel using either our flexible GeneGlobe custom builder or expert design service.
  • Pan-cancer profiling with multimodal approach – comprehensive genomic profiling workflow for simultaneous detection ofDNA variants, RNA fusions and TMB/MSI status in solid tumors and heme malignancies.

Enables sample to sequencing-ready
libraries in less than 6 hours for detection
of SNVs, small indels, CNVs and loss of
heterozygosity (LOH).

Enables detection of variant allele frequency down to 0.1% VAF from cfDNA with >99% specificity.

Enables simultaneous enrichment and
profiling of DNA variants, RNA fusions
and gene expression levels from one

NGS Secondary Analysis

QCI Secondary Analysis with LightSpeed

LightSpeed is a new module for QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium that empowers laboratories to perform NGS secondary analysis with high accuracy at unprecedented runtimes.

LightSpeed processes FASTQ files to produce VCF files containing single nucleotide variants (SNV), insertion–deletion mutation (InDel) and structural variant (SV) calls. The module is deployable using local computers or Amazon Web Services (AWS®) cloud and performs quality and adapter trimming, read mapping, deduplication, local realignment, quality control and variant calling.

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LightSpeed Clinical Secondary Analysis

NGS Variant Interpretation and Reporting

QCI Interpret for Oncology

QCI Interpret is NGS variant interpretation and reporting software powered by augmented molecular intelligence that helps labs not only make faster decisions—but the right decisions. 

Connected to the exclusive QIAGEN Knowledge Base, the industry’s most comprehensive, manually curated resource updated weekly, QCI Interpret delivers variant-specific, scientific evidence in context of phenotype or diagnosis. Interactive filters prioritize variants and proprietary algorithms transparently compute AMP/ASCO/CAP and ACMG/AMP variant classifications, enabling users to generate evidence-based reports with efficiency, confidence, and reproducibility.

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Application Note

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Sample Report

View a QCI Interpret sample report for a multimodal pan cancer panel

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