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Research and Discovery

Powerful digital insights to help you innovate, integrate and translate scientific results into impactful discoveries

The insights you need to drive discovery

From data analysis to databases, from gene expression to genome assembly, from interpretation to integration – QIAGEN Digital Insights has the breadth and quality of solutions you need to drive meaningful insights and new discoveries. 

Research and Discovery Applications:


Solutions for insights into transcriptional regulation via epigenetic modifications and DNA methylation

Gene Expression

Powerful solutions to visualize and compare gene expression data to deepen insights and drive new discoveries

Genome Assembly

Accelerate and scale genome assemblies for all organisms – big or small

High-Volume Sequencing

Sequencing solutions for scalability, accuracy, security and performance, giving you full control of your high-volume sequencing data pipelines

Microbial Genomics

Full suite of tools to power research and characterization of metagenomics, microbiome, pathogen typing and genome-based outbreak investigation

RNA Sequencing

From sample prep to data interpretation, we offer Sample to Insight solutions to generate biological discoveries from RNA-seq workflows

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