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Explore our portfolio of bioinformatic databases, software and services to support your clinical and translational next-generation sequencing (NGS) needs. We offer free trials, demos and consultations to help you find the best solution for your lab.

Gene and Variant Databases

Human Somatic Mutation Database (HSMD)

Somatic database to better understand precise variant function and actionability

Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD) Professional

The de-facto standard resource identifying inherited disease-causing mutations

Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer (COSMIC)

A comprehensive resource to explore the impact of somatic mutations in cancer

NGS Secondary Analysis

QCI Secondary Analysis with LightSpeed

Cloud-based secondary analysis hosting service with software for ultra-fast processing

NGS Variant Interpretation and Reporting

QCI Interpret for Oncology

Variant interpretation and reporting software for oncology NGS testing

QCI Interpret for Hereditary

Variant interpretation and reporting software for hereditary NGS testing

QCI Precision Insights

Professional variant interpretation service for oncology NGS testing