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QIAGEN Ingenuity Variant Analysis

Quickly prioritize clinically relevant alterations with QIAGEN Ingenuity Variant Analysis, a software-as-a-service combining analytical tools and expert-curated content to help you filter down to a small, targeted subset of compelling candidates.

IVA version 5.6 is now available. See what’s new in the QIAGEN Ingenuity Variant Analysis Fall 2019 Release.

Accelerate NGS data analysis and interpretation

A comprehensive cancer panel can yield millions of variants.

As NGS tests become broader and more sophisticated, the ability to extract
the most relevant and actionable information from these analyses becomes
increasingly difficult and time-consuming.

Filter from many to meaningful

Connected to the industry’s most expansive collection of biological and clinical findings, sourced from over two decades of manual data and literature curation from more than 40 scientific and clinical databases, QIAGEN Ingenuity Variant Analysis leverages powerful algorithms and dynamic filtering to triage variants using both published evidence from the Knowledge Base and your lab’s own experiential knowledge.

  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Filter with consistency
  • Report with confidence

Access thousands of genomes instantly

QIAGEN Ingenuity Variant Analysis is your gateway to extensive cohorts of high-quality, ethnically and phenotypically diverse human genome samples.

“By using the filtering in QIAGEN Ingenuity Variant Analysis, we were able to find the gene which then led to the identification of this syndrome.”

Dr. Hywel Williams,
Centre for Translational Omics in the University College London’sInstitute of Child Health (GOSgene)

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