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QIAGEN Real-World Insights

From biomarker discovery and validation to trial design and label expansion, QIAGEN Real-World Insights (RWI) helps you bridge the gap between actionable insight and real-world action.

Advance drug development with data from precision medicine testing

The majority of cancer patients today are diagnosed and treated outside the context of clinical research—that is, in the real world. 

To improve the efficiency, efficacy, and cost of clinical trials, pharmaceutical companies are using real-world data at each stage of the drug development process.

QIAGEN’s Real-World Insights (RWI) portfolio combines robust real-world genomic data from over 200,000 cancer cases and advanced analytics to optimize biomarker discovery, maximize trial success, and shorten drug development timelines.

Cancer drug development takes years. What if there's a faster way?

Oncology drug development can take up to 15 years, cost millions of dollars, and often relies on sparse data that doesn’t provide a full picture of a target patient population. But what if there’s a faster, safer, and more cost-effective way?

In the June 2020 issue of the Journal of Precision Medicine, Dr. Sheryl Elkin, CSO of QIAGEN Digital Insights, discusses the use of real-world genomic data to overcome the inefficiencies of drug development.

“QIAGEN is helping to take cancer drug development to the next level by aligning the real-world data and comprehensive analyses needed to support biomarker and indication selection for trial stratification and CDx labeling with the superior technical design, regulatory expertise, and manufacturing excellence that are required to deliver the precision CDx that will identify the patients who will derive the most benefit from the targeted therapies."

Sheryl Elkin, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, QIAGEN Digital Insights

How is QIAGEN Real-World Insights driving impact? 

QIAGEN Real-World Insights (RWI) is a professional and personalized pharmaceutical development service dedicated to finding the fastest, most cost-effective route to move therapies from research to market. RWI provides access to real-world genomic data, helping pharmaceutical companies confidently answer critical questions, such as:

  • Which biomarkers to target?
  • What variants to include?
  • Which patients to select?
Customer Success Story

How Debiopharm uses real-world genomic data to support drug development

Dr. Anna Pokorska-Bocci of Debiopharm International shares her experience working with QIAGEN’s Real-World Insights team and how the customized analyses and offerings provided have enabled Debiopharm to accelerate drug development.

QIAGEN Real-World Insights applications

Biomarker and Cancer Indication Selection
Cohort Stratification and CDx Design
Molecular Profiling and Response Analyses
Trial Accrual and Drug Market Plan
Custom Real-World Insights Projects

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