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biological data

Biological knowledge is locked in silos. As scientists generate unprecedented volumes of sequence data, there is a critical need for easy-to-use tools that can quickly put that data into biological context. Understanding data in the context of scientific literature and databases is challenging due to the sheer volume of unstructured text files, access restrictions, lack of integration and interoperability, and constant updates. The QIAGEN Knowledge Base has been built as a horizontally and vertically structured database that pulls in relevant scientific and medical information and describes it consistently, making this data interoperable and computable so you can efficiently and effectively interpret your results.

Sourcing, curation, and integration

Over the past two decades, the QIAGEN Knowledge Base has scoured scientific journals, publicly available molecular content databases, textbooks, and more to gather data. Our expert curators manually review top-tier scientific literature, pulling out key details to ensure that data is captured with full context. Once curated, data is integrated into the Knowledge Base using our proprietary ontology to ensure that information is represented consistently. The integration process also structures data so you can query, visualize, and compute across it.

The result and growing impact

Our Knowledge Base has powered interpretation for countless biological experiments, helping scientists accelerate their research. Receive access up-to-date pathways, processes, models, genetic, drug, and disease findings seamlessly, from a single easy-to-use interface. Avoid time-consuming literature searches and database queries, and get to your “Eureka!” moment faster.