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Generate stunning custom visuals of genomic insights in minutes

QIAGEN OmicSoft Land Explorer is a web-based tool that gives you access to a trove of disease-focused datasets (human, mouse, rat).
Within minutes, get insights into expression information and perform rich analysis data.

Survival Analysis

Test gene association between expression level and patients’ overall survival, in one study.


Tumor vs. Normal

Test whether gene expression level differs between tumor and normal samples.

Gene Expression

Profile expression of multiple genes and find studies that detect differential expression of your gene.


Correlation Analysis

Visualize gene expression and copy number variation.

Academic and Government Researchers

Easy-to-use interface, industry-leading toolbox, and visually striking results

Gain immediate access to thousands of disease-related ‘Omics projects, with robust, interactive, customizable visualizations.

Broaden your understanding of how inherited changes in genes lead to common diseases. Explore your gene(s) of interest in different tissues obtained from many different people.

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Biopharmaceutical and Commercial Life Sciences

Translate your discoveries into improvements to understanding diseases

Narrow your search for successful candidates and innovate faster. Explore gene expression in 51 different human tissues from the Genotype-Tissue Expression Project (GTEx). Increase your understanding of how changes in genes contribute to human disease with detailed expression and statistical data from thousands of curated studies.

Academic and Government Researchers

Visualize private and public data in one central location.

Customize visualizations for many data types.

Dig deeper with QIAGEN OmicSoft Studio’s advanced Land analytic functions.

Access hundreds of thousands of gene expression profiles within seconds

Quickly find medically-relevant ‘omic datasets and biomarkers for oncology, immunology, neurology, and more.

Designed for biologists to simply examine a target’s gene expression or mutation status across hundreds of disease categories.

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