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Identify causal variants, fast

Kick start your variant discovery research with over 7,000 phenotypically and ethnically diverse genome samples from more than 2,100 consenting families – minus the investment in sample acquisition costs and time. Whether you’re searching to unravel the complexities of disease inheritance or to tie identified variants to changes in RNA expression or protein function, Inova Genomes provides you with access to a wealth of high quality pre-annotated and pre-computed experimental data for easy and rapid hypothesis generation and validation.

Custom cohorts

Benefit from instant access to an expanding pool of scientifically validated genomes that can be filtered by disease, ethnicity, and familial relationship with the unprecedented ability to drill down to the genotypic details that enable you to distinguish and prioritize causal from non-causal variants. Inova Genomes helps you quickly isolate trends in inheritance, or validate research findings against a verified reference dataset for accelerated biomedical case solve rates.

  • Linked, de-identified electronic health record information supports easy grouping of genomes by a wide range of therapeutic areas including cardiac, hematological, immunity, and more.
  • Samples from study participants with no overt genetic disease provide ready reference sets for genetic analysis.
  • Phased and phenotyped genomic data from individuals with ancestral ties to more than 100 countries allows you to identify not just how frequently an allele has been observed in diverse populations but to pinpoint which samples it has been observed in, as well as the sample’s zygosity and associated phenotype.
Inova Genomes

Streamlined interpretation

Integration with QIAGEN Ingenuity® Variant Analysis™ allows you to directly mine the preloaded Inova Genomes data or work side-by-side with your own data to facilitate rapid and accurate isolation of causal variants.

  • Apply the comprehensive underlying knowledge base, including HGMD’s inherited disease mutations, to instantly and thoroughly annotate the samples.
  • Leverage knowledge driven algorithms and interactive filters to identify and prioritize compelling variants.

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Access complementary data

Complementary data sets provide immediate possibilities for exploration of downstream effects of identified genetic variation, while access to fully consented study participants gives the flexibility to design your own follow up surveys, experiments and therapeutic programs.

  • Rich RNA-seq, miRNA, and methylation data sets for many study participants enables genome-transcriptome comparisons.
  • Access to biobanked samples provides freedom to design and employ follow up experimental analysis.
  • Opportunities for facilitated patient re-contact can streamline targeted clinical trial enrollment and additional data gathering.

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