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Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer (COSMIC)

Explore the impact of somatic mutations in human cancer with the world’s largest and most comprehensive resource, COSMIC.

What is the impact?

Ever imagine what the impact of misidentifying the correct mutation could be on cancer or missing critical information in your research? What would the impact of missing an already identified variant be on your research? These questions are best left unanswered by choosing to work with only the best and most comprehensive database for human cancer mutations.

With over 71 million somatic mutations, COSMIC is the world’s largest expert-curated somatic mutation database. Trusted by over 20.000 users, it is integral to any clinical assessment of somatic variants. Integrating COSMIC into your NGS pipeline accelerates cancer sample analysis by rapidly prioritizing cancer driver mutations, distinguishing VUSes, and determining if an alteration is common or rare in the cancer type of interest.

Discover the impact of mutations in Human Cancers

Empower your research and diagnosis with the world’s largest database of human cancer mutations

with well over 20,000 users and in excess of 10,000 citations


curated coded mutations

COSMIC provides genome wide annotation with over 38 million coding mutations plus substantial coverage of  all other oncogenic non-coding regions.


human samples studied

Expert curated data, standardized and evaluated for accuracy from peer-reviewed papers by a team of post-doctoral scientists.


peer-reviewed papers

Every four months, COSMIC content and features are updated to ensure you remain informed on the latest findings.

Make sure your patients get the best

Every year you don’t renew your COSMIC license, your competitive edge diminishes. COSMIC is regularly updated with significant volumes of new mutations data that can help you continuously improve patient outcomes.

And that’s not all. Your lab’s time and resource efficiency, and its continued accuracy could be affected too.

Learn more about why you should always have the up-to-date COSMIC. 

View the complete COSMIC database statistics here.

See what’s new in the latest COSMIC release (v95) here.

COSMIC is constantly being updated with the latest information on cancer mutations. With over 5,000,000 Legacy COSM mutations added in 2019 to 2020, almost double the coding mutations that have been collected over the past 15 years.

Created with Highcharts 8.2.2YearNumber of coding mutationsCoding mutations added to COSMIC every year20102012201420162018202002.5M5M7.5M10M12.5M15MNovember 2017 coding mutations: 5 366 273
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New product in the COSMIC suite
Mutation Actionability in Precision Oncology

The third release of Actionability, the newest product in the COSMIC suite, is now available. Actionability is a vital tool for anyone working in precision oncology, offering expert-curated information on the availability and development of drugs targeting somatic mutations in cancer, as well as case studies, clinical trials, and regulatory body data critical to improving precision oncology decision-making. Click here to learn more

Investigation of Somatic and Germline Variants by COSMIC, HGMD and QIAGEN Knowledge Base.

Identifying and studying actionable variants is of great interest to many investigators.

Watch this webinar recording, where COSMIC, HGMD and QIAGEN Knowledge Base is introduced for annotation and investigation of both somatic and germline variants.


Making a difference in the cancer landscape

COSMIC has been fueling cancer research for the past 15 years. From its humble beginnings, see how this knowledge base plays its part in the fight against cancer and making a difference in patient care.

Interested in knowing more?

Explore how COSMIC can fuel your research into the etiology of cancer and the discovery of new drug targets.

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