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Rapid, evidence-based reporting for
NGS oncology tests at scale

Deliver oncologist-ready variant interpretation reports

Today’s clinical labs are under mounting pressure to interpret next-generation sequencing (NGS) tests faster and with greater precision than ever before. That’s why we created QCI Interpret One.

With QCI Interpret One, lab directors can prepare, prioritize and report on clinically relevant variants associated with solid tumors and hematological malignancies without the time-consuming step of researching and writing variant- and disease-specific evidence summaries. Users get access to an “expert second opinion” for variant classification, and they can deliver professional reports directly to physicians and oncologists to better inform clinical decision making.

QCI Interpret One
    • Flexible and automatable QIAGEN Clinical Insights (QCI) software with the trusted services of N-of-One, a QIAGEN company and leading provider of somatic variant interpretation
    • Solid tumors
    • Hematological malignancies
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decision-ready oncologist-reviewed variant interpretative comments

Advance your complex genomic profiling services to enable personalized cancer care

Confidently interpret NGS variants

Immediately access over 170,000 decision-ready oncologist-reviewed variant interpretative comments, plus expertly curated professional guidelines, FDA therapies, clinical trials, and published literature, for confident decision-making. 

Accelerate test turnaround time

Speed up variant interpretation with dynamically computed disease-specific variant classifications, immediate access to interpretive comments, and automatable workflows to help you scale for higher test volumes.

Deliver oncologist-ready reports

Generate customizable and standardized clinical reports with variant- and disease-specific information, including molecular function, and diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic relevance, available treatments, and open clinical trials.

Download the QCI Interpret One brochure here.
“QIAGEN’s new QCI Interpret One is impressive. It combines the former N-of-One interpretation summaries with QIAGEN’s QCI Interpret structured variant interpretation database. No one is better than QIAGEN for Variant Interpretation. From a large complex panel you can quickly filter variants, classify variants according to AMP and NCCN guidelines and add disease specific and oncologist reviewed pre-formulated interpretive comments. The depth, breadth and quality quickly give you the confidence you need when there is so much information and complexity to deal with now."

Ravindra Kolhe, MD, PhD
Chief, Section of Molecular and Genetic Pathology
Augusta University

Confident classifications for every variant, every disease, every patient

The content core of QCI Interpret One, the QIAGEN Clinical Knowledge Base transforms unstructured data into actionable insight. By aggregating, manually curating, and modeling scientific literature and professional guidelines with semantic consistency, the QIAGEN Clinical Knowledge Base captures biological, phenotypic, therapeutic, and outcomes information that enables QCI Interpret One to compute variant- and disease-specific classifications for every alteration in every disease for every patient case.

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Accelerate test turnaround time

QCI Interpret One enables clinical labs to speed up variant interpretation through automatable workflows and integrated curation and interpretation services.

QCI Interpret One gives you:

    • Decision-ready interpretations at your fingertips

    • Configurable and automatable workflows

    • On-demand clinical curation and interpretation services

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VCF to oncologist-ready report in 3 simple steps

Instantly prioritize clinically relevant variants

Dynamically compute disease-specific variant classifications and drug and trial selection

Generate customizable and standardized clinical reports

Access to variant- and disease-specific content

              • Biological, prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic evidence
              • Approved treatments and open/recruiting clinical trials
              • Expert molecular function summaries

Expert decision-ready interpretations with oncologist-reviewed clinical evidence

Need secondary NGS analysis? QIAGEN Clinical Analysis and Interpretation Services can help. Learn more here.

Actionable clinical NGS reports

The content, transparency, and delivery of clinical oncology NGS test reports are critical for timely and effective patient care. QCI Interpret One supports customizable and standardized reporting to ensure adherence with industry guidelines, while also making reports easy to understand and act upon by oncologists and clinicians.

QCI Interpret One is designed to augment in-house expertise. By providing you with all of the content necessary to generate a comprehensive, patient-specific report, yet giving you full control over final classifications, comments, and recommendations, the software and service enhance decision-making in the clinical workflow.

QCI Interpret One reports include:
  • Oncologist-reviewed variant- and disease-specific interpretation summaries offering concise, intermediate, or comprehensive information on:
    • Molecular function
    • Therapeutic, prognostic, and diagnostic relevance
    • Variant interactions, such as effect of co-occurring variants on therapies, drug resistance and sensitivities
  • Clinical practice guideline recommendations
  • Relevant local recruiting clinical trials
  • FDA-approved drug therapies
  • Primary literature references
Application Note

Developing a robust, automated, and streamlined clinical NGS workflow for hematological malignancies

In this application note, we discuss the importance of streamlined clinical NGS workflows within the hematologic-oncology space. Learn how to develop a robust, automated, and streamlined NGS analysis pipeline for the interpretation and reporting of genomic alterations associated with hematological malignancies.

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