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Molecular Profiling

Expand beyond the one biomarker, one drug paradigm with expert molecular profiling and drug-response analyses using QIAGEN Real-World Insights (RWI)

Better understand your target population with molecular profiling data

Biomarkers in a patient’s tumor are becoming increasingly critical in determining the appropriate treatment. As more patients undergo diagnostic sequencing, vast amounts of genomic data are being collected, enabling a paradigm shift in how drugs are developed and trials designed. 

QIAGEN Real-World Insights provides real-world molecular profiling and cancer diagnosis data from over 200,000 individual cancer cases to help you better understand the genomic characteristics of your target population.

"The selection of patients to early phase clinical trials and clinical outcomes can be enhanced by molecular stratification."

Rothwell et al Nature Medicine, 2019

Which biomarkers are being tested in the clinic?

At QIAGEN, we have one of the largest real-world genomic profiling datasets in the country, offering genomic data from over 200,000 cancer cases expertly classified by Ph.D. scientists and oncologists. Using this information, you can develop more efficient and effective trials for the target populations most likely to respond to your therapeutics.

QIAGEN RWI helps you:

  • Determine predictive molecular profiles and their population frequency 
  • Expand your label to the largest potentially drug-responsive population 
  • Screen patients and minimize VUS dilution for optimal results 

Leverage QIAGEN Real-World Insights

QIAGEN’s Real-World Insights (RWI) portfolio offers robust real-world molecular profiling data from over 200,000 cancer cases to help you better understand the genomic characteristics of the patient populations most likely to respond to your targeted therapeutic.

To access RWI, you can: 

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Biomarker and Cancer Indication Selection

Choose the best biomarkers and cancer indications for your molecularly targeted therapies

Cohort Stratification and CDx Design

Identify appropriate patient cohorts and enhance your CDx design to improve stratification and success

Trial Accrual and Drug Market Plans

More easily find the right patients and quickly move to recruitment and regulatory acceptance