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Custom Real-World Insights Projects

Create and deliver bespoke Real-World Insights (RWI) projects with drug development software and bioinformatics services tailored to your unique requirements

Optimize clinical trials with drug development software

Customize in-house access of data for analyses with public and internal datasets and drug development software for immediate insights to inform your translational and clinical development teams.

Our specialized team works with you to develop the informatics tools and evidence resources you need to get consistent, reliable, and actionable results through all phases of your study. 

Develop informatics tools and evidence resources

With QIAGEN Real-World Insights, you can use real-world genomic data to:

  • Analyze the prevalence of co-occurring biomarkers
  • Understand the molecular profiles of a real-world population
  • Incorporate a quality-managed database into your companion diagnostic (CDx) workflow to classify novel variants identified by the diagnostic assay
  • Associate genomic and diagnostic profiles to support reimbursement plans
  • Design a project targeting rare cancer types

QIAGEN is helping to take cancer drug development to the next level by aligning the real-world data and comprehensive analyses needed to support biomarker and indication selection for trial stratification and CDx labeling with the superior technical design, regulatory expertise, and manufacturing excellence that are required to deliver the precision CDx that will identify the patients who will derive the most benefit from the targeted therapies.

Sheryl Elkin, Ph.D.,
Chief Scientific Officer, QIAGEN Digital Insights

Leverage QIAGEN Real-World Insights

The QIAGEN Real-World Insights (RWI) portfolio combines robust real-world genomic data from over 200,000 cancer cases and drug development software to optimize clinical trial designs and market strategies.

To access RWI, you can: 

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Do you have novel questions, hypotheses, and hurdles to overcome? Our team of scientists, bioinformaticists, and clinicians can help you strategize, customize, and deliver within your timeline.

Biomarker and Cancer Indication Selection

Choose the best biomarkers and cancer indications for your molecularly targeted therapies

Cohort Stratification and CDx Design

Identify appropriate patient cohorts and enhance your CDx design to improve stratification and success

Molecular Profiling and Response Analyses

Expand beyond the one biomarker, one drug paradigm with expert molecular profiling and drug-response analyses