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Cohort Stratification and Companion Diagnostic (CDx) Design

Identify appropriate patient cohorts and enhance your companion diagnostic (CDx) design to improve stratification and success with QIAGEN Real-World Insights (RWI)

Casting a more efficient net

Creating an effective targeted drug involves defining the clinical trial patient cohorts and designing the biomarker profile for the companion diagnostic (CDx)—a lengthy and iterative process that requires extensive research, testing, and refinement.

QIAGEN Real-World Insights (RWI)  provides the ability to rapidly mine real-world data and link genomic information to specific phenotypes to design a trial tailored to the desired patient cohort and optimized for the highest likelihood of success. 

Our capabilities and investments in developing clinical bioinformatics solutions will become increasingly relevant as the research and clinical community scales from panels to exomes and ultimately to whole genomes for personalized medicine. This trend will continue to demand the use of our highly sophisticated computational solutions with the perpetually curated QIAGEN Knowledge Base to predict phenotypic impacts of genomic variation.

Michael Hadjisavas, Ph.D.
Vice President of Clinical Genomics Program, QIAGEN Digital Insights

Honing your patient cohort for trial optimization

Capturing insights on a patient population within an indication of interest early and accurately empowers smarter trial design, faster implementation, precise stratification, resulting in an accelerated drug submission process.

QIAGEN RWI helps you:

  • Determine the right variants to be analyzed
  • Choose predictive variant profiles for high patient eligibility
  • Reassess gene alteration prevalence via a new platform, such as ctDNA for a liquid biopsy companion diagnostic (CDx)

Leverage QIAGEN Real-World Insights

The QIAGEN Real-World Insights (RWI) portfolio combines robust real-world genomic data from over 200,000 cancer cases and advanced analytics to identify appropriate patient cohorts and enhance companion diagnostic (CDx) designs.

To access RWI, you can: 

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