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Biomarker Analysis and Cancer Indication Selection

Choose the most applicable biomarkers according to specific cancer indications and custom requirements for your targeted therapies with QIAGEN Real-World Insights (RWI)

Better biomarker selection during drug development

Deciding which biomarkers to include and what technology to use is neither simple nor straight forward. Clinical relevance, reliability, and practicality are of critical importance for biomarker selection.

Using robust genomic sequencing data and molecular testing trends, QIAGEN RWI analyses can identify, prioritize and validate biomarkers of therapeutic response and resistance to optimize your drug development strategy.

"The actual numbers of patients with a cancer type out in the real world who are positive for the biomarker alteration of interest is different than the prevalence of the alteration in that cancer type.  This is because in reality, there may be a higher prevalence of the cancer type itself or a cancer type might be tested more frequently."

Sheryl Krevsky Elkin, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, QIAGEN Digital Insights

Improve cancer biomarker selection

Oncology development is increasingly personalized and precise, with narrower and more nuanced indications characterized by genomic alterations. QIAGEN Real-World Insights provides information beyond the prevalence of a biomarker for a drug to answer more meaningful questions, such as:

  • The alteration prevalence of genes or gene combinations
  • The prioritization of cancer types most likely to respond 
  • The scope of your target population for clinical trial or label expansion

Leverage QIAGEN Real-World Insights

The QIAGEN Real-World Insights (RWI) portfolio combines real-world genomic data from over 200,000 cancer cases and advanced analytics to achieve Better Decisions Faster™ in biomarker selection and drug development.

To access RWI, you can: 

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