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The QCI Interpret difference

Workflow Agnostic

The software solution can be easily integrated with any pipeline to enable you to go from FASTQ or VCF to report within minutes.
Enabling seamless workflows from FASTQ to report, the software solution supports the interpretation and reporting of targeted panels, comprehensive genomic profiling, clinical exomes and genomes.

Special feature: For labs using the Illumina® TruSight Oncology 500 assay, the QCI software solution provides a preconfigured workflow that accepts FASTQ and VCF files.

Fastest Growing Knowledge Base

Over 5,000 completely new variants are added each month to the QIAGEN Knowledge Base and it is updated weekly.
Encompassing over 40 databases and maintained by hundreds of certified MD- and PhD-level expert curators who enter more than 46,000 new findings each week, the QIAGEN Knowledge Base is updated weekly to provide the latest therapeutic, prognostic, and diagnostic evidence, including drug labels, recruiting clinical trials, practice guidelines, and clinical/functional studies.

Compute Any Variant for Any Disease

Proprietary algorithms dynamically and transparently compute AMP/ASCO/CAP classifications for every variant in any disease.
The amount of detail offered by the QIAGEN Knowledge Base triggers all levels of evidence of the AMP/ASCO/CAP guidelines.

For every variant in over 31,000 cancer types, QCI Interpret automatically provides a computed AMP/ASCO/CAP classification, computed molecular function, the alteration’s incidence in disease, an oncologist-reviewed interpretation summary, information on hereditary clinical cases, treatment information, including alteration-specific drug sensitivity and resistance, and a list of open and recruiting clinical trials specific to the patient’s geographic region.

Oncologist-Reviewed Variant Summaries

Access to over 410,000 molecular function summaries and pre-written, oncologist- reviewed variant interpretive comments for faster report building.
The software instantly delivers concise oncologist-reviewed evidence for each biomarker in the context of the cancer sub-type, listing information on the mutation’s molecular characteristics, roles in disease, and therapeutic, prognostic, and diagnostic implications.

To date, the software provides access to over 320,000 decision-ready interpretive comments to help you accelerate test turnaround time and increase caseload volume.

Interpretation of Co-occuring Mutations

The software identifies and lists co-occurring variants in each clinical sample, providing evidence on the clinical effect with reference to relevant guidelines.
QCI Interpret for Oncology allows you to filter variants according to genes in which actionable mutations are detected and to visualize the co-mutations that exist in the sample.

If the mutation occurs in the same gene, the software provides a "protein view" that shows the presence of mutations, their position, and effect on the protein. Users also receive an expert explanation on the clinical effect of the co-occurring mutations with supporting references.

On-demand Interpretation Services

Let QIAGEN’s experienced variant scientists do the hard work of curating variants and disease-specific evidence according to SOPs.
Through the software, submit variants to QIAGEN to receive customized, oncologist-reviewed interpretations and summary comments for every clinically relevant variant detected.

An ideal solution for labs working with rare or novel variants, the on-demand service does the research, curation, and interpretation for you. Any somatic NGS panel can be submitted.