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QCI Interpret for Oncology

QCI Interpret is a clinical decision support software powered by augmented molecular intelligence that helps clinical labs not only make faster decisions—but the right decisions. 

Connected to the exclusive QIAGEN Knowledge Base, the industry’s most comprehensive, manually curated resource that is updated weekly, QCI Interpret for Oncology dynamically computes pathogenicity and actionability based on the AMP/ASCO/CAP or ACMG/AMP guidelines for every variant in over 31,000 cancer types with full transparency. To simplify and accelerate interpretation, users have access to over 410,000 preformulated, oncologist-reviewed variant impact summaries to build custom, patient-specific reports with the latest diagnostic and prognostic information, as well as biomarker-directed therapies and clinical trials. 

QIAGEN Variant Interpretation Softrware

What is augmented molecular intelligence?

The content core of QCI Interpret for Oncology, the QIAGEN Knowledge Base is the world’s largest source of globally trusted molecular knowledge. Built manually over 20 years by hundreds of MD- and PhD-level expert curators and augmented by artificial intelligence to rapidly identify, extract, and enhance evidence, the QIAGEN Knowledge Base is unrivalled in breadth, depth, and accuracy. To date, the QIAGEN Knowledge Base has been trusted to analyze and interpret NGS data from over 3 million clinical cases worldwide.