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Integrated features for rapid variant annotation, filtering and triage

QCI Interpret Translational offers a comprehensive workflow for efficient, evidence-powered variant assessment. 

Sample Management

Upload and organize sample data files based on specific projects or by pipeline, and annotate files with detailed descriptions for easy tracking. 

Virtual Gene Panels

Create and rapidly compare evidence-based virtual gene panels.

Variant Filter Builder

Access 5 different filters to triage variants with granular control:

  • Confidence Filter (industry-wide)
  • Common Variants Filter (industry-wide)
  • Predictive Deleterious Filter (pre-computed ACMG classifications; pathogenic vs. non-pathogenic)
  • Genetic Analysis Filter (include/exclude specific genotypes)
  • Biological Context Filter (exclusive to QIAGEN)

Familial Variant Analysis

Perform family-based variant filtering by comparing different modes of inheritance to identify inherited and de novo variants.

Dynamic Variant Assessment

Pre-classify variants using weighted evidence according to the ACMG five-tier classification system to determine variant pathogenicity and actionability. 

Variant Export

Export annotated variants that passed each stage of the filtering cascade to review annotations, document test results, or analyze the data outside of QCI Interpret Translational.