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QCI Interpret Translational

QCI Interpret Translational is a NGS variant assessment software solution that enables rapid, evidence-powered variant annotation, filtering, and triage for human exome, genome, and large cohort sequencing data.

Leveraging the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, QCI Interpret Translational improves research efficiency and accuracy by automating manual curation processes, dynamically and transparently assessing variants according to society guidelines with full user-control, allowing users to focus on what matters most: transforming genomic data into publishable insights.

Why QCI Interpret Translational


Eliminate manual curation

Connected to the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, QCI Interpret Translational brings all the information needed for variant assessment together in one location.


Accelerate variant filtering

Leveraging powerful algorithms and trusted content, QCI Interpret Translational applies proprietary filters to rapidly identify potential causal variants within minutes.


Retain full user-control

Unlike other software, QCI Interpret Translational computes assessments with full transparency, giving users control over parameters, policies, and output.