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Increase in Efficiency
Rapid variant filtering and automated variant annotation and curation enable labs to increase workflow efficiency by 80%.
Supported Disease Classes
For every variant in any gene in any phenotype, you receive a computed ACMG pathogenicity classification.
Curated Variants Per Month
Over 5,000 new expert-curated variants are entered into the QIAGEN Knowledge Base each month.

The QIAGEN Knowledge Base

Built over 2 decades, the QIAGEN Knowledge Base leverages machine learning to rapidly index journal articles for mutations and human judgment and expertise (Augmented Molecular Intelligence) to ensure accuracy, relevance and context—every catalogued “finding” has been “touched” by a trained scientist.

The QIAGEN Knowledge Base is built on our own comprehensive ontology that uniformly models relationships between different entities, such as the relationship between a variant, the gene that it resides in, and the observed phenotype. The superior structured content ensures consistency and computability.