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Access real-world data and 2 decades of expert curation from QIAGEN's growing oncology dataset

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Curated Alteration Findings

Through QIAGEN’s professional clinical interpretation services, HSMD has data from over 419,000 real-world clinically oncology cases with over 345,500 expertly assessed somatic variants.

From these 70,000 new clinical oncology cases, QIAGEN’s professional clinical  interpretation services adds at a minimum of 60,000 clinically observed variants each year.

HSMD leverages expert-curated content from the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, which contains the latest evidence from peer-reviewed papers, clinical and functional studies, on- and off-label drugs, and professional guidelines, such as NCCN, AMP/ASCO/CAP and the World Health Organization (WHO), and commonly used databases, including gnomAD and ClinVar.

With this content, you gain insights into:

  • Disease associations
  • Functional impacts
  • Biological relevance
  • Diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic relevance 
  • Clinical outcomes

HSMD covers over 1,400 cancer-related genes in over 11,000 cancer subtypes, including neoplasms and hereditary cancer types.