LIVE WEBINAR: Closing the Precision Medicine Gap Using Whole Exome Sequencing


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LIVE WEBINAR: Closing the Precision Medicine Gap Using Whole Exome Sequencing

Wednesday, March 25, hear from Dr. Anthony M Magliocco, CEO and Founder of Protean BioDiagnostics, as he discusses the application of whole exome sequencing for guiding clinical trial enrollment for patients with cancer.

The remarkable advances in precision medicine are unfortunately not currently available to all patients, especially those being treated in community cancer settings. This growing “gap” is now challenging the health system to provide cost-effective, scalable, innovative solutions for underserved patients. Protean BioDiagnostics was founded to close this gap and accelerate access to precision oncology for all patients, regardless of where they live. To this end, Protean has created an adaptable and innovative framework for rapidly deploying the latest companion diagnostics. Protean’s simplification of universal access to complex diagnostics is poised to change the practice of precision oncology in the community and truly “close the gap.”

In this webinar, you will learn more about

  • Protean’s proprietary, multi-omic, data-centric Oncology MAPS™ system and how the system creates an easy way for oncologists and patients to access the latest evidence-based diagnostics, guideline-driven therapeutics, and new clinical trials.
  • How the QIAGEN Digital Insights bioinformatics team and Protean are working together to successfully deploy WES into clinical practice and give practitioners the knowledge to improve disease risk management and select treatment.
  • Protean’s goal of maintaining and managing genetic and other medical data for patients in MAPS™ system, which enables this complex genetic data to become both “future-protected” and an enduring legacy for the patient, and their family.

Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Time: 11 am EDT