Looking ahead to AMP 2015


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Looking ahead to AMP 2015

Austin, here we come! 

We’re getting AMPed up for the upcoming Association for Molecular Pathology 2015 annual meeting! Held at the Austin Convention Center from November 5-7, AMP offers molecular pathologists the chance to catch up on the latest industry and research developments. 

This year, AMP’s theme is “Realizing the Dream of Precision Medicine,” and we couldn’t imagine a more timely topic. Precision medicine is becoming a reality, and we’re proud to be forging the tools for this revolution, particularly where cancer is concerned.

Our theme for AMP is “Insights in Oncology,” and we’ll be focusing on both somatic and hereditary cancers during the show. In addition to several key news announcements, we’ve scheduled a number of activities for AMP attendees. We hope you’ll stop by to hear our speakers and check out our demos. Here are some events where you can find us during AMP:

November 4, 4:00-4:50 p.m.
Austin Convention Center, Grand Ballroom E

“Practical Considerations When Using a Clinical Decision Support System for NGS Variant Analysis, Interpretation, and Reporting”

Speakers: Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez, PhD, Director Molecular Diagnostics Lab, Chair Molecular Diagnostics Division, Virginia Commonwealth University; Jason D. Peterson, M.S., Genomic Informaticist, Clinical Genomics and Advanced Technology (CGAT), Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical

Dr. Ferreira-Gonzalez and others will discuss practical aspects involved during the evaluation and use of NGS data analysis tools in the clinical laboratory. Learn about their firsthand experiences with QIAGEN® Clinical Insight – a new, scalable clinical decision support platform intended to assist molecular pathologists in interpreting and reporting NGS variants from any targeted gene panel run on any next-gen sequencing instrument. 

Evening reception:
November 4, 6:30 -8:30 p.m.
Hilton Austin, Salon A & B, 500 E 4th St, Austin, TX 78701

Networking event with QIAGEN executives
RSVP required: NATradeshows@qiagen.com 

In-booth presentations:
November 5, 3:45-4:00 p.m. and November 6, 9:45-10:00 a.m.
Booth #922 and #923
 — QIAGEN Bioinformatics

“Enabling Precision Medicine – Through Scalable NGS Assay Interpretation & Reporting in Oncology”

Speaker: Dan Richards, PhD, VP of Biomedical Informatics, QIAGEN

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) based clinical tests are increasingly being adopted in clinical labs, but there are significant challenges in unraveling the complexity of genetic information to offer actionable insights for healthcare professionals. The time spent on assessment of NGS variants continues to be a rate-limiting step to reporting. To address this issue, in May 2015 the American College of Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) and Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) developed and published standards for the classification of sequence variants. The computational assessment of NGS variants according to ACMG and AMP guidelines promises to significantly reduce the amount of time from sequence result analysis to reporting. In this presentation, Dr. Dan Richards will discuss our manual curation and data-driven approach to pathogenicity classification using QIAGEN® Clinical Insight, a clinical decision support software tool developed to streamline the variant interpretation and reporting process for clinical laboratories. QIAGEN Clinical Insight leverages the comprehensive QIAGEN Knowledge Base with over 10 million biomedical findings of curated data to compute classifications based on the ACMG-reported criteria and classification system.


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