Data analysis with greater efficiency


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Data analysis with greater efficiency

The Fall release of Ingenuity® Variant Analysis enriches the analysis functionality, adding speed and power, and offers new tools for the organization and management of sample analysis. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive solutions to our customers, and we’re delighted to share the highlights with you.

Analyze More Data with Greater Efficiency
Performance is important to our customers. When they pre-filter their whole genome data to exonic-only regions, they have previously been limited to data from 200 whole genome samples. We have increased that limit by 50%, so now customers can analyze up to 300 whole genome samples before the pre-filtering feature becomes mandatory. Users who are analyzing more than 300 whole genomes can either pre-filter, or bypass the pre-filter function altogether by contacting Customer Support for assistance with creating a work-around.

Better Sample Analysis and Management with New Private Control Libraries
The introduction of Private Control Libraries (PCL) delivers powerful new computation capabilities. PCLs enable users to compute and filter variant frequency from a select sample set, then compare case samples with all samples housed within the PCL. In addition, the PCL can accommodate larger volumes – up to 2000 whole genomes – when analyzing control samples, and can compare cases v. control samples using the Genetic Analysis and Statistical Analysis filters.

We have added two new tabs to PCL, which features a drag-and-drop interface to make management a snap. The first is called “My Control Libraries,” enabling you to store and easily access your PCLs. With the second tab, you can build a new library by clicking on the “New Library” tab in the “My Samples” view.

Additional Improvements
When considering other improvements that could really benefit our users, we recognized the intrinsic value of the Allele Frequency Community (AFC). We took this release as an opportunity to update the build of the AFC, which is now comprised of more than 120,000 consented exomes and genomes (about 12,000 of which are whole genomes). We have also improved integration between Ingenuity Variant Analysis and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (the integration is in beta, with limited support), which enables Variant Analysis to export the list of gene IDs, the ACMG assessments, and the gain/loss of function information when you click on the “Export to IPA” button.

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