Welcoming OmicSoft to the team


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Welcoming OmicSoft to the team

We are very pleased to announce QIAGEN’s acquisition of OmicSoft, a market-leading provider of biomarker data management, visualization and analysis products. OmicSoft’s products are based on “Lands,” which are curated and standardized public data sets in oncology (“OncoLand”), major disease areas, including immunology and cardiovascular disease (DiseaseLand) and genetic research (GeneticsLand).

The product portfolio also includes “Array Server,” OmicSoft’s enterprise-scale, multi-omic data management offering, and “Array Studio,” a graphical user interface to browse, analyze and visualize data from NGS sequencing, microarray and other technologies.

“The OmicSoft team has deep expertise that will enable QIAGEN to better support customers in managing vast data sets and gaining actionable insights for discovery and translational research”

Dr. Laura Furmanski, Senior Vice President and Head of the Bioinformatics Business Area at QIAGEN.

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