Unveiling CLC Genomics Cloud Engine at Bio IT


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Unveiling CLC Genomics Cloud Engine at Bio IT

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be unveiling the newest addition to our bioinformatics portfolio – CLC Genomics Cloud Engine – at this year’s Bio IT World Conference & Expo! Join us in Boston, May 23-25, and register for early access for our new enterprise-wide solution which allows you to analyse NGS data where they are located at the speed they are being generated, and at a competitive total cost of ownership.

Cloud Architect, Jacob Nikolajsen from QIAGEN Bioinformatics, will guide you through some of the benefits associated with CLC Genomics Cloud Engine during a 30-minute luncheon:

Title: CLC Genomics Cloud Engine: Enterprise NGS Made Easy

Date: Thursday, May 25

Time: 12.20 p.m. – 12.50 p.m.

Room: Beacon Hill

Track: Bioinformatics

Abstract:  Reaping the benefits of cloud computing takes more than just moving servers and data online. Ensuring a secure solution and a smooth transition to the cloud is far from trivial, in particular if results are expected to be identical to an on-premise solution. QIAGEN CLC product line is the leading solution for NGS analysis, proven to minimize cost per analysis on Intel CPUs. It is now launching an enterprise class cloud solution – CLC Genomics Cloud Engine.

Special offer for luncheon attendees and demo participants

As a thank you for your interest, you’ll be eligible to choose one of these special offers:

  • 10% off a select QIAGEN Bioinformatics product under $20,000 at the conference
  • A complimentary two-hour consultation to assess your IT status and recommend enhancements
  • A one-month trial to OmicSoft Online Land

You can register for the full Bioinformatics track (including our luncheon) through the Bio IT website by clicking on the red “Final weeks to register” button and checking the Track 6: Bioinformatics box.

You’re also welcome to drop by our booth #229 at any time where the team will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

CLC Genomics Cloud Engine at a glance:

  • Launches enterprise bioinformatics platforms into the cloud and is optimized for near-automatic rapid deployment. Within a week, you’ll have a completely deployed cloud environment fully capable of running analyses securely.
  • Uses AWS cloud technology and runs in a customer-owned VPC environment.
  • Uses virtual private cloud (VPC) infrastructure to make the cloud a part of your on-site network. Job scheduling can be carried out, completely securely, from the internet.
  • Scales to any storage size on demand. You use S3 storage and only pay for storage that is actually in use
  • Scales to fit changes in sample production rate and analysis processing time within your definable limit (using Amazon Auto Scaling).
  • Comes with a command line interface to run CLC workflows.
  • Allows the use of the CLC Genomics Workbench software for result visualization and interpretation, and for easy workflow design and validation.
Join us at Bio IT world to claim early access.