The key to target and biomarker discovery


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The key to target and biomarker discovery

Hint: The secret is in the biological context

Today’s discovery scientists are challenged with identifying new biomarkers and therapeutic targets for disease, and the competition is fierce. With thousands of ‘omics studies on human diseases and animal models published each year, it’s becoming even more difficult to wade through the sea of information to achieve insights and make new discoveries. Scientists need data that have been processed and curated to make it discoverable, comparable and explorable. They must interpret an immense amount of data on what’s been done before and understand how this relates to their own data. Among the most challenging aspects is the data and information ‘noise’ that can confound and convolute true knowledge and insights.

The secret to successful and impactful biomarker and target discoveries is in the scope and integration of the data analyzed on the journey to discovery. Effective, reproducible and objective tools for combining data-driven and knowledge-based approaches are key to identifying potential biomarkers and targets. Such tools enable scientists to quickly identify data that looks most promising and then validate it with their own experiments.

In today’s world of advanced bioinformatics approaches, it’s no longer enough to look at the association of a set of genes within the context of mere static pathway diagrams. Analyses that simultaneously harness the biomedical literature, clinical trials and curated databases like OMIM, JAX, ClinVar and COSMIC are fundamental to predicting disease and phenotypic outcomes and to understanding their upstream molecular drivers. It’s also imperative to contextualize initial interpretations against the tens of thousands of other existing analyses to identify patterns that may lead to novel insights.

QIAGEN Digital Insights makes this possible. Our solutions enable scientists to rapidly identify the best biomarker and target candidates based on biological characteristics most relevant to their discovery study. Our powerful and high-quality tools are driven by over 20 million scientific findings and over 580,000 curated samples. They help researchers save valuable time and resources while empowering biomarker research and driving new discoveries.

We offer an array of tools for advanced pathway analysis that let scientists go beyond outdated, basic pathway analysis approaches and gain deep insights into their data by combining multiple sources of knowledge and insights into easy-to-use tools. The QIAGEN Knowledge Base, upon which our bioinformatics software is built, is updated weekly and provides the integrated knowledge graph that powers these analyses. It accompanies our highly-curated collections of disease-relevant and cancer-focused ‘omics datasets that enable scientists to discover and validate new biomarkers and drug targets by exploring evidence from all types of ‘omics experiments to compare against their own experiments. Our broad range of  biomarker and target discovery solutions let scientists dig deep into their ‘omics data to identify and prioritize molecular candidates, uncover potential mechanisms of action and explore molecules and pathways associated with disease.

Learn more about the applications supported by our biomarker and target discovery solutions. Browse various use cases, articles, webinars and other resources to understand how our solutions are applicable to a variety of research questions. Watch this short video featuring one of our field application scientists who describes how she helps discovery scientists reach their goals of finding the right therapeutic target, discovering the next cancer biomarker or understanding a mechanism of action. Request a consultation with one of our experts to find the right QIAGEN Digital Insights toolset for your research goals.