Discover a world of biobank scale genetic data management


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Discover a world of biobank scale genetic data management

Store Biobank Scale Genetic and Clinical Data with OmicSoft GeneticsLand

Discover a world of efficient whole genome data management, analysis, and visualization!

OmicSoft GeneticsLand is the genetics researcher’s all-in-one solution for storing, analyzing and visualizing large-scale genetic data for biomedical research. OmicSoft “Land” technology accelerates the analysis of genomic samples across multiple platforms. Capable of supporting thousands of association studies, GeneticsLand can query 10 billion data points in seconds and store biobank-scale whole genome genotype data!

  • Centralize biobank-scale genome data storage
  • Access a carefully-curated human genetics data repository
  • Identify and validate therapeutic targets
  • Support drug repositioning and indication discovery
  • Automate parallelization of large analyses
  • Integrate, contextualize and correlate your datasets with public data

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