Explore a world of disease-focused datasets!


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Explore a world of disease-focused datasets!

Searching for new biomarkers for your NGS panel and assay design?

Discover a world of disease-focused datasets, analysis tools, and biomarker breakthroughs!

OmicSoft DiseaseLand is the disease-focused platform designed to help you harness thousands of disease-focused datasets to accelerate biological discovery. Bringing together robust data visualization and analytics tools, OmicSoft “Land” technology rapidly connects you to the most relevant insights. Explore gene expression data at the gene, transcript, and exon level, as well as whole-transcriptome analyses of differential expression. Every project in DiseaseLand is carefully curated and processed through common pipelines, allowing you to quickly find the most relevant results across projects. DiseaseLand saves you valuable time and resources, enabling you to focus on your research.

  • Discover new biomarkers
  • Validate therapeutic targets
  • Support drug repositioning and indication discovery
  • Identify mutation patterns across disease
  • Integrate, contextualize and correlate your datasets with public data

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