New features in the QIAGEN OmicSoft 10.1.2 release


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New features in the QIAGEN OmicSoft 10.1.2 release

10.1.2 release (December 2019)

Single-cell analysis: Improved expression overlay on tSNE/UMAP plots with ScatterColorViews. Generate tSNE or PCA plots using OmicSoft, or import coordinates from older analyses, then visualize gene expression intensity over the plots.

Land visualizations: CRISPR/RNAi dependency screen data with multi-‘omics integration views.

Directly explore correlations of expression, mutation and gene dependency data in the updated CCLE Land, updated with DepMap data. Use the “Add Measurement Data” function to bring in additional data such as drug sensitivity and metabolomic data.

Cloud Analysis: Map S3 buckets from multiple AWS accounts, and on master/analytic server setup. More flexible cloud configurations allow you to map buckets from collaborators and other shared buckets with your access/secret keys.

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Cloud analysis: Spot Instance support. AWS spot instances use idle EC2 resources, which can be requested at significant cost savings over on-demand instances.

Single-cell analysis: Improved importing of Single Cell Expression Matrices. Merge memory-efficient Zero-Inflated Matrix (ZIM) data from multiple samples to compare single-cell data from multiple experiments.

.NET 4.5 Framework: Update from .NET 3.5 framework.

IPA integration: Multi-identifier uploads. Now you can specify up to five molecule identifier columns in your inference table when uploading from OmicSoft to IPA. This feature is especially useful for metabolomic studies.

DiseaseLand updates – 2019R3

Human disease updates: 48 new projects, with a focus on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease and HIV.

Mouse disease updates: 50 new projects, with a focus on models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease.

In case you missed it: We added 67 projects and 1285 samples, with a focus on ophthalmology.

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OncoLand updates – 2019R3

New Land: OncoMouse. Oncology-focused studies in mouse models, with 48 projects in the initial release.

OncoGEO updates: 68 new projects, with a focus on cancers of reproductive system, GI system, respiratory system, urinary system, skin and CNS.

CCLE update: CRISPR/RNAi screen data have been integrated into CCLE Lands, enabling new multi-‘omics comparisons.

In case you missed it: We added a new Land. BeatAML includes RNA-seq, DNA-seq and ex-vivo drug responses for over 500 patients.

OncoGEO/hematology added 58 new projects and 3653 samples, with an emphasis on hematologic cancers.

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