Meet the speaker: Dr. Hannah Wardill, Ph.D. – QIAGEN CLC online User Group Meeting, May 26 and 27, 2020


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Meet the speaker: Dr. Hannah Wardill, Ph.D. – QIAGEN CLC online User Group Meeting, May 26 and 27, 2020

“A person’s microbiome not only affects their overall health, but also the effectiveness of certain therapies. ” Dr. Hannah Wardill researches gut-species with the goal of lowering the side effects that come with oncological patient care.

Analyzing the microbiome requires enormous amounts of data because of the relative abundance of the species. Wardill works closely with bioinformatics specialists who help to tease apart that data. “We start with larger-scale outcome measures, so we can look at significant signals and phenomena that may be happening. Once we identify those, we work down to isolate a more specific mechanism that may be at play. Read the full story on Hannah’s research here.

We are excited to announce that Dr. Hannah Wardill will present at the online QIAGEN CLC online User Group Meeting on May 27, 2020. More information, the agenda and registration can be found here.

In Dr. Hannah Wardill’s presentation entilted ‘Understanding host-microbe interactions in oncology and applications in the provision of personalized supportive care’, she will discuss:

  • Three critical side effects of cancer therapy that are intimately linked with the composition of the host’s microbiota: Diarrhea, graft versus host disease and bloodstream infection
  • Key advances in our understanding of how microbiota is thought to dictate the severity of these side effects
  • Microbial interventions currently under investigation
  • Novel methods of personalized risk evaluation
  • The importance of supportive care in cancer
  • How innovative methods may be used both to identify those at risk of developing potentially lethal complications, as well as to modify their risk by fine-tuning the unique microbial communities that inhabit the gut

Register now for this two-day online summit – featuring QIAGEN CLC Genomics product updates, training and Q&A sessions, as well as real world use cases from academic and industry experts.

Learn more about Dr. Hannah Wardill and her impactful research and follow her on twitter @hannahrwardill.