Join our OmicsSoft 2017 User Group Meeting


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Join our OmicsSoft 2017 User Group Meeting

Less than a week till our annual OmicSoft User Group Meeting in Cambridge

We’d like to invite you to our annual Omicsoft User Group Meeting in Cambridge, MA, September 19-20, 2017, where you’ll learn more about enterprise data analysis and management.

There’s free registration and attendance for a limited time only.

In the past ten years, OmicSoft has helped numerous users from major pharma and biotech companies (as well as research institutions) accelerate their bioinformatics and genomics research. Last year, we successfully held our kick-off OmicSoft User Group Meeting. More than 30 leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies and more than 100 experts and scientists in the field of bioinformatics/genomics/genetics attended the meeting.

Last year, our action-packed one-day meeting provided an open platform for our users and industry peers to learn, to network, and to impact the development of OmicSoft products. This year OmicSoft has had several milestones and technology breakthroughs including: our acquisition by QIAGEN, Array Suite 10,0. release, Cloud-Based Lands, Single Cell RNA-Seq support, upcoming integration with QIAGEN’s bioinformatics products, Web-based solutions and more. We are expanding the 2017 OmicSoft User Group Meeting into a two-day event with:

  • More product training – Get the most out of Omicsoft products, and QIAGEN’s bioinformatics products
  • More user talks and networking opportunities – Learn from others’ experiences, industry best practices, and expand professional network
  • More one-on-one meetings – Get problems solved, questions answered and get personalized training from our experienced staff

Learn, network, impact. Come join us and leading pharma, biotech companies and research institutions.

  • Learn to use OmicSoft products more efficiently
  • Impact future product development
  • Network with peers and industry experts
  • Get one-on-one help from experts
  • Explore more QIAGEN Bioinformatics products

Please contact us for potential presentation and collaboration opportunities.