How secure is your bioinformatics data?


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How secure is your bioinformatics data?

As the production of genome data and variant interpretation information skyrockets, scientists and clinicians are asking compelling new questions about data storage, management, protection, and analysis. There’s also a lot of curiosity about the burgeoning cloud-based industry that supports all that data. Users want assurances that their genomic information will be available anytime, with a solution that offers unbeatable performance and fail-safe security, while ensuring HIPAA compliance in the U.S. — the very principles upon which we built our data center.

Recently, our executive Dr. Ramon Felciano, was quoted in Advance for Laboratory’s story about data security, telling how we secure users’ data on both the QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI™) and Ingenuity® Variant Analysis™ platforms. Our top-notch data center is fully redundant, includes on-site physical security, and complies with stipulations provided by HIPAA and international Safe Harbor initiatives. To this end, we’ve summarized the key features you should know about below.

  • Meshed Architecture: Our data center provides that security because we built it with several layers of redundancy, which ensure that you can always access your data quickly, safely, and seamlessly.
  • Operations Management Solutions: Systems management, monitoring, and automation are the cornerstones of a successful solution, so we use industry-leading solutions to ensure that data is in the right place at the right time.
  • Data Protection Practices: These practices include on-site physical security, perimeter defense, internal security, data encryption, user authentication, data and database security, server operating system security, and data backups.
  • High Availability and Backup/Disaster Recovery: More than 50 redundant, load-balanced servers comprise our hosted environment, and we have several backup and disaster recovery processes to eliminate the possibility of data loss.

With big data comes big concerns about security. We take our responsibility to customer data very seriously, and our team is continually on the lookout for new practices and technologies that will help safeguard that information.

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