Enhance your data analysis experience with our new releases


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Enhance your data analysis experience with our new releases

We’re happy to announce that new releases of our products are now available. The releases offer a number of new features and improvements. You can see a few of the highlights below and visit the individual product pages to view the detailed release notes.


Determine which isoforms have interesting biological properties or enhance your multi-omics research approaches – here are the highlights of the latest IPA release:

  • Discover significant isoforms in RNA sequencing data with the enhanced IsoProfiler
    • Results are now expanded to include gene-level disease and function annotations
    • Focus on protein-coding transcripts with the new transcript type column for RefSeq datasets
  • Visualize phosphoproteomics data on networks and pathways
    • A new “phospho” measurement type is introduced


See the more detailed release notes:
IPA Fall Release 2016

Ingenuity Variant Analysis

With our fall release of Ingenuity Variant Analysis comes a number of improvements. The headlines are:

  • Expedite disease discovery using Phenotype-Driven Ranking filter
  • Evaluate variants using subpopulation Allele Frequency from ExAC
  • Incorporate CADD scores for functional predictions
  • Streamline Variant Analysis to QCI Interpret workflow

Get more details:
Ingenuity Variant Analysis Fall Release 2016

QCI Interpret

Take a look at these highlights of features and benefits you get from the QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) Interpret September 2016 release:

  • QCI Interpret is now integrated with Ingenuity Variant Analysis and provides large assay filtering and interpretation across these best-in-class tools
  • New “1-click” bibliography review: See the clinical literature relevant for each variant, including tools to normalize clinical cases appearing in multiple publications
  • Enhanced ACMG rules automation now with integrated population frequency data by ancestry and CADD predictions
  • Increased throughput of your clinical genetics and variant analysis capability for interpretation and reporting

See more feature improvements and details on the benefits:
QCI Interpret September 2016 Release

Workbenches and servers

It’s a pleasure to present the new releases of both workbenches and servers in our CLC product line. Here are a few highlights:

  • Improved accuracy and visualization for RNA-seq analysis
  • We now detect even larger deletions accurately
  • Analyze your data in the context of published research with the new SRA download
  • Now analyze genes and transcripts from both Ensembl and RefSeq

Read more about these and other new features and improvements:
Biomedical Genomics Workbench 3.5
Biomedical Genomics Server Solution 8.5
CLC Genomics Workbench 9.5
CLC Genomics Server 8.5