Clarity and customization


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Clarity and customization

2015 IPA Winter Release

We’re pleased to deliver several new features to Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis™, to increase your insight and improve your workflow. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new.

Customizable pathway and network overlays

The 2015 IPA Winter release improves your ability to see and understand your ‘omics data in the context of networks and pathways. You can customize which measurements are overlaid from your datasets and increase the intensity of the colors for more streamlined analysis. Switching overlays allows you to visualize expression data versus variant gain/loss values for example. You can also manually customize the range of colors to visually emphasize genes of interest from your dataset.

Seamless upload of Cuffdiff data files

Cuffdiff, part of the Cufflinks package, is a popular software tool that quantifies differentially expressed genes or isoforms in RNA-seq data. We’ve improved your RNA-Seq workflow by enabling direct upload of native Cuffdiff data files.

Updates to simplify your process

Open analyses, lists… there are several windows you might find open simultaneously in IPA, and it can get confusing to identify their parent project folder. The latest IPA release makes it much easier to identify the location for these open windows. We’ve also improved the traceability of IPA entities by adding a new “path” field to the Details window for items in the project manager. Finally, if you search for analyses and datasets in IPA, you can now simply right-click on a result to highlight the item in the project manager.

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