Building an automated high throughput analysis pipeline


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Building an automated high throughput analysis pipeline

Cost effective high volume bioinformatics solutions for high volume bacterial strain typing and quantification

As demand for next-generation sequencing (NGS) grows in research organizations, so does the need to store, manage and analyze NGS data. Historically this has been accomplished with complex hardware and software infrastructures — which generate challenges for maintenance, cost and turn-around-time, and user-friendliness. Our goal is to give full control of NGS data back to our customers, enabling you to focus on science. This is why we created the High Volume Sequencing Solution, a software platform that provides full control over your data processing for any data volume.

During this podcast, Mads Bennedsen (Chr. Hansen) discusses the topic “Building an Automated High Throughput Genome Sequence Analysis Pipeline using CLC Genomic Workbench and CLC Genomics Server.”

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