AACR 2016: Delivering solutions to enable a cure


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AACR 2016: Delivering solutions to enable a cure

We recently attended the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), held in New Orleans. As always at these events, we met many accomplished oncology researchers and customers who are working hard on the front lines to eradicate cancer. Thanks again to the many conference attendees who visited our booth to learn more about our bioinformatics tools.

The day before AACR kicked off, we announced the RNA-Seq Explorer Solution, which combines Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis™ and Biomedical Genomics Workbench® to offer clear insights for research into improved cancer detection, diagnosis, and treatment. This bioinformatics solution for liquid biopsy allows users to focus on biology, providing the tools to help drive research forward and to publish novel findings.

To share the finer points of our new solution, Principal Scientist Dr. Jean-Noel Billaud delivered a presentation entitled “Transcriptome analysis of Kupffer cells after uptake of pancreatic cancer exosomes reveal pathways and biological processes involved in metastatic progression.” If you missed the presentation, you can watch the recording of the talk below.

At AACR, we were also part of four poster sessions focused on recent oncology findings. With this impressive research as a backdrop to our new solution, we really look forward to seeing what the cancer research community will accomplish!

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