What’s New in QIAGEN Clinical Insights (QCI)?


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What’s New in QIAGEN Clinical Insights (QCI)?

Discover more about the latest QCI update and how the platform simplifies and accelerates NGS variant analysis, interpretation, and reporting

We are pleased to announce a minor update to QIAGEN Clinical Insights (QCI), a clinical informatics platform for streamlined NGS variant analysis, interpretation, and reporting of oncology and inherited disease tests. The update adds new features, functionalities, and improvements, further enhancing QCI’s ease-of-use, performance, and responsiveness.

New QCI features and functionalities

  • Performance improvements – Updates to the user-interface that limit the amount of processing needed to render the application. This has resulted in significant improvements in performance and responsiveness. In addition, users will now be informed about expected processing times.
  • New Genetic Analysis filter – A Genetic Analysis filter that enables users to filter (exclude/include) variants of specific genotypes.
  • Display CADD and HGMD annotations in Variants View – For hereditary workflow users can now bring CADD and HGMD annotations to the Variants View for quick lookups and sorting of CADD scores. Plus for HGMD users, now included are annotations link outs to the variant’s HGMD mutation detail page.
  • Improved sample uploader – Users can load new samples without waiting for an existing sample to complete processing.
  • Support for .PED file – Family/trio analysis can have sample relationships described via .PED file format. This metadata describes family relationships similar to how the existing JSON format supports relationships in prior versions.
  • New Application Programming Interface (API) endpoint – New API for developers to integrate existing LIMS/informatics system with QCI Interpret Translational to automate the upload of samples.


Explore the QCI portfolio

  • QCI Interpret Translational – A NGS variant assessment software solution that enables rapid, evidence-powered variant annotation, filtering, and triage for human exome, genome, and large cohort sequencing data.
  • QCI Interpret – Clinical decision support software for molecular diagnostic labs that enables faster turnaround times, higher confidence reporting, and test menu expansion for oncology and inherited diseases.
  • QCI Interpret One  – Clinical decision support software integrated with professional variant interpretation services that enables molecular diagnostic labs to perform rapid, evidence-based reporting of oncology NGS tests at scale.
  • QCI Precision Insights – A professional clinical interpretation service for oncology NGS tests that translates molecular data specific to each patient into clinical insights and therapeutic options.