New white paper: Challenges in Clinical NGS Testing


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New white paper: Challenges in Clinical NGS Testing

Clinical lab managers are constantly under pressure to do more with less. Launch more tests, review more information – in less time and for less money. We believe clinical lab members are heroes for their ability to rapidly generate accurate, actionable information that significantly improves patient care. We also believe that better informatics tools could go a long way to easing the pressure these people face every day.

In a new white paper, we review some of the major challenges associated with clinical genomics testing, along with details about how automated interpretation solutions and high-powered, curated databases can address some of these problems. Here are the four key challenges we tackle:

  • Scalability in sourcing, curating, and pro­visioning scientific and clinical findings for accurate interpretation and reporting
  • Risk mitigation in test menu expansion
  • Continuous improvement in operational efficiency, turnaround time, and production costs
  • Continuous learning of test results and clinical findings

We discuss how each challenge contributes to the ongoing risks of managing a clinical laboratory – in terms of financial operation, technology selection, and analytical support.

Review the full white paper to learn more.